• We are here to support Ukrainians in Bulgaria

    I want to evacuate to Bulgaria

    I am Ukrainian and in Bulgaria already

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    In partnership with BCause foundation and under supervision of Bulgarian business leaders, we are collecting funds to aid the evacuation, accommodation, and participation of Ukrainians who found refuge in Bulgaria. Please support:

  • ABOUT BG4UA.com

    This is a page run by a group of Bulgaria-based entrepreneurs, tech community members, and friends of Ukraine. We are part of the Bulgarian evacuation, relocation, and accommodation efforts for Ukrainians who wish to come to Bulgaria, or who have found themselves in Bulgaria and would like to stay. Please choose an option above to get in touch or support us 🇺🇦🇧🇬🙏🏼


    The BG4UA team is comprised of 3000+ volunteers. The core team managing the effort consists of:

    Antonia Tzenova

    Karina Khristich

    Lachezar Dinchev

    Valentin Ivanov

    Zornitsa Mitkova

    Slaveya Nedelcheva

    Olya Nikol

    Vesy Deyanova

    Milena Ilieva

    Elina Zheleva

    Max Gurvits